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Other gear

Tents, sleeping bags and camouflage clothing

If you are hiking with your family, spacious tent is a necessity, for sure. We suggest Gelert Horizon 6 Tent.
It is a waterproof and breathable cotton polyester blend tent that is particularly comfy in a hot weather. Plenty of space and most comfort for a reasonable price.

The best features include:

  • Large windows
  • Brow pole for weather protection
  • Groundsheet protected from bugs or drafts
  • Great ventilation option (including 2 mesh side doors)
  • Spacious indoors
  • Outside dimensions are 680 (L) x 220(H) x 240(W) cm. Inside is 210 (L) x 190(H) x 220(W) x 2 bedrooms. It weights 27.8 kg.

If you are travelling solo and the main goal is to save space and have as little gear to carry as possible, then you should opt for the famous Solo tent. It costs ~ 80 USD (40 GBP) and it is very easy to set up. You will get:

  • Very compact pack size
  • Lightweight tent (its total weight is 1.6 kg)
  • Side storage area
  • Large doors
  • It is made of polyester wit waterproof and breathable coating
  • Poles are made of lightweight fibre glass
  • Taped seams
  • Pack size is 39cm x 12cm x 11cm (15" x 4.7" x 4.3")

    In case you are travelling with a big group you can opt for Gelert Meridian 10 tent. This is one of the best options for large groups available via net. See more on their webpage.

Tentsile Stingray tentTentsile Stingray Tree Tent is a new way to look at camping. This tent is designed to be suspended between trees.

The recommended set up height above ground is 4 feet or 1.2 meters. This tent can house up to adult 3 people (or two adult and two kids) plus equipment. This is a very good option for hiking on terrain with limited possibilities to set the tent on the ground.

Can be used as a regular tent as well in dry conditions. Price 749 USD. Sold at the manufacturers internet store.

A good and easy to install tent will make your trip or hike more pleasant. It is worth investing a bit more when buying a tent, because it will serve you many years to come.