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Survival gear

Survival equipment

This is the list of basic survival equipment you might need. Of course, your needs are varied by the purpose of your hike, camping or training exercise. Here we have a small list of absolute necessities for any outdoor activities.


  • Tents, tarp, sleeping bags - an absolute necessity to make any shelter.
  • Thermal blankets - come very handy in any situation plus they are so lightweight that you can easily throw some in the bag.
  • Knives, multitool - not a step without a decent knife. No further explaining needed.
  • Spade, axe and some nails.
  • Gloves (tactical gloves, rubber gloves, medical gloves, all kinds of gloves are available, you should see what are your particular needs)
  • Compass - if you are not a professional in reading the coordinates you need compass.
  • Binoculars (come in handy)
  • Flashlights (take few extra small, long battery life ones just in case)
  • Camping stove and kitchenware - you can easily make one yourself from wood, but nowadays the camping stoves cost little and they are very efficient.
  • Medical kit (stock up in the basic medical necessitates, if you feel lazy to make a list yourself, there are many ready made medical kits sold online and delivered to your doorstep. When hiking you should have the very basic medical items with you in case. This is not an optional item - this is a must).
  • Food (Canned, freeze dried or other sorts of MRE). Our favorite is Mountainhouse. You can always hunt or fish or gather some berries, however if you are not an expert in wildlife, there are plenty of ready-made options for you. Water purification straws are quite affordable option.
  • Rope and carbine
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Guns (if you are against guns, may we suggest to have a pepper spray or at least plastic cable ties). A knife is a must in any case. They range from simple pocket knives to multi-task multi tool knives that are heavier but with more options.
  • Flares (if you have good storage capacity, we suggest having few in stock).