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What you get for your money

Army Boot Features

Lightweight construction - it is very essential if you plan on wearing them daily. A feature you should pay a special attention to.

Protection - from normal day to day wear shoes to highly protected combat shoe that are impenetrable, waterproof and very comfortable. Levels of protection may vary, from steel caps to special material soles, you should decide for yourself which are the most important features that your job or hobby requires. We suggest puncture resistant soles.

Waterproofness and water-resistibility. Many of the boot models are made with Goretex or like materials so that your feet will stay warm and dry in any conditions. Don't settle for anything less.

Flame resistance.
Although a bit trade specific, there are boots that have been made with flame resistant leathers. This features comes quite handy if you have a daily work with increased risk to flame exposure.

Durability - when you buy a pair of military boots you can wear them for 3 -7 years on average. This is quite impressive considering they are meant for harsh environmental conditions. Also you have to take into account the quality of the boots and their daily maintenance. Keep them clean, polish them with suitable products and they will be just fine after years. See the manufacturers home page for recommended polish and sprays, they will cost a small amount and will protect your footwear. If you plan on wearing the boots daily we recommend ultralight boots that will give you that extra mile to hike with maximum comfort.

The technologies that have been made for military purposes now have integrated almost every aspect of our lives and our clothing is no exception. Teflon membranes, Goretex and other materials have been integrated to make our lives easier and our footwear more comfortable and lasting.