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Well, here is the list of brands we do recommend. They are field tested, proven and have also excellent customer service.

5.11 tactical5.11 Tactical is a private capital company in the Unites States, one of the major players in field of military boots and army related apparel and equipment. Their experience and use of advanced technologies deliver fantastic quality footwear and other military use products.

Altama - made in US is their slogan. Altama deliver their footwear for American military, special forces and law enforcement. Their tactical boots are tested and recognized as one of the best in the field. Their extensive experience in footwear manufacturing (the company was founded in 1969) and innovative approach to design and manufacturing give you the best options to buy military boots online.

Bates is another American company specializing in tactical footwear. Founded in 1885 their main focus is law enforcement and military shoes. Their exceptional craftsmanship, application of latest materials make them one the leaders in the field of tactical footwear.

Belleville logoBelleville - not every brand has more than 100 year experience in this business and still be one of the top sellers of excellent quality military footwear. They sell over 1 million boot pairs a year and this does say something. Also their footwear is made with innovative materials to ensure perfect fit and durability in any situation.

BLACKHAWK! is another leading US company with expertise in military and law enforcement apparel and footwear. It is part of ATK Sporting company and their product range includes boots, knives, tools, body armor and other tactical equipment. Highly recommended.

Crossfire - seated in Canberra, Australia this company offers a range of products that have been chosen by many military, fire and emergency services. They sell various survival and military items, from boots and gloves to tents and cooking supplies. A great value for money. Unfortunately they do not ship worldwide from their site.

Danner - definitely a good investment. You can be sure that every pair is made up to the highest manufacturing and materials' standards. Plus they have good style selection. As they say - we don't meet standards, we make them. If you love the rustic look (in the best meaning of the word) you will love these rough looking but extremely comfortable boots.

Garmont - specializes in outdoor footwear. This is an Italian company with five generation experience in the business. Apart from impeccable military footwear they also have excellent ski boots.

Lowa logoLowa - a proud European brand known for their innovative materials and meticulous attention to the smallest details. Their boots are very comfortable and they definitely are leaders when it comes to contemporary designs. The brand was founded in Germany in 1923 and their track record is impeccable. They say that their boots last at average 5 to 7 years.

Magnum - a brand started its operation in United Kingdom in 1974. After having delivered top quality tactical shoes to FBI they ventured into the military style shoe manufacturing and through many years of experience they are now one of the leading international brands in the field.

Meindl bootsMeindl - a German brand to choose if you want the most recent and revolutionary technologies combined with the top manufacturing quality. These are one of the best products on the market. Available via several internet shops, such as

McRae - the ultimate military boots company. Having been footwear supplier to the United States army they are sure they have expertise in the field and tactical boots. Established in 1959 as the children shoes company the brand changed its direction in 1967 when they made the vulcanized construction boots for the military. Since then the brand has expanded and developed their skills and technology up to the highest standards.

Merrell - a brand with core business in hiking shoes is for those who love outdoor activities and sports. If you are looking for a pair of very light weight and waterproof shoes check their latest collections. It does not get better than this.

New Balance logoNew Balance Tactical is covering a wide range of boots from children running shoes to mens tactical shoes and they all have one thing in common - absolute quality and highest manufacturing standards. If you love their designs (and they quite attractive) you can be sure you will get top quality for your money.

Rothco is another company that has grown out of a family business to become one of the largest suppliers of military gear and clothing around the world. Their reputation is impeccable, their quality is perfect, their shipping is fast and customer service efficient. Check out their web page for more information.

Zamberlan brand logoZamberlan - a wonderful Italian brand that gives the tactical boots more style yet retaining all the high qualities of durability and comfort. You cannot beat more than 80 year experience of Italian artisanship and craftsmanship. The bots are still manufactured in Italy. The boots are sold also in the US. Zamberlan has received several prestigious awards for their products. This is certainly a brand you can trust. Their web page has also sale section - a wonderful opportunity to buy discounted boots online.

Of course, there are more brands to discover. These are the top runners in the field selected by us.