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Work Boots military style

Style is the tricky part because there are so many possibilities available. You have to know what these boots are for.

Work boots. If you want durable boots or the so called work boots you will have to look for a pair with a good composite material cap that will protect your feet in case something heavy falls onto them. Most of these boots are waterproof with Goretex or similar technology that protects from water and yet allows great ventilation. Some work boots have integrated metal plate for maximum protection, but if you travel a lot we suggest getting a metal detector friendly boots to travel hassle free. Also look for ones with antibacterial protection to avoid unpleasant odors. Make sure the sole is designed to protect your feet from any damage. Many of the boots come with non-penetrable soles, some are puncture resistant, so if you have some heavy duty construction work, we recommend this feature.

Tactical military bootsTactical boots. Here you will have most fun, because the options are endless. These are lightweight, waterproof, breathable and well insulated boots, some models have also sand proof ventilation, which is essential if you work in sandy conditions. For example, Magnum boots have spider outer sole with reinforced stabilizers and flexible toe caps to silently stick to walls. Great, isn't it. Most of the soles are penetration proof making sure you are safe in any conditions. You can choose also based on the conditions you are in - e.g. combat boots for cold weather, desert, mountains and jungle. If you want the ultimate all-in-one boot then modular boot system is made for you. It is designed for drastic temperature ranges from -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Safety boots. If you work in law enforcement, you already probably have tested these boots in the field. They are also lightweight and protected from any hazards, including damage to the toes from heavy equipment falling or stepping into hazardous materials. Some of them have integrated steel toe cap. Some boots are made of flame resistant leather. Also most of law enforcement tactical shoes and boots are provided with a reinforced sole that can keeps the law officers safe from sharp objects.

Wolverine field bootsCamouflage boots
- naturally they do have the best technical features just like any military boots have today. many have been made for hunters, after all, it is important to have a comfy, protected camo boot if you are a professional hunter. As regards the color - look for desert boots, white snow boots or the regular camouflage boots, such as green and black. There are boots for practically every purpose. The boots in the picture cost 85 USD at dickssportinggoods .com and they are named Wolverine Men's Buck Tracker Realtree Hardwood HD Waterproof Field Boots.

Hiking bootsSports hiking shoes - although not directly related to army boots - nowadays they are made of most innovative materials, including composite materials for the soles and breathable yet durable textiles for outer shell. Their best feature is the lightweightness. They are specifically designed as made to fit and are perfect for camping or like activities. These are almost all made in Gore-tex to protect the feet from getting wet.

Danner Tachyon ultralight bootsThe ultralight tactical boots will give you even more flexibility and advantage to run longer and hike farther. The boots have been made in very light materials and they weight only 26 oz. or 0.737 kg. It is a very impressive boots for training and daily wear. The Danner Tachyon Ultra Lightweight Combat Boots priced at $139.95 are available at Plus they are available in three color options (black, tan and green).

The price range for these special types of boots is from USD 150 up to 500 USD, depending on your requirements. There is always an option to buy a decent pair on sale thus saving you some money. Be sure you get the most out of the deal.