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Little fun facts - first army boots were issued already to Roman soldiers. In the United States the army was issued special boots in 1812, what is funny these boots were not right or left - they simply adjusted to the wearer's feet after some time. Today combat boots are popular also among several sub-cultures, such as heavy metal, Goth and grunge. And they are as comfortable as they have ever been.

What are army boots for? Apart from the use in military force and law enforcement, army boots are becoming increasingly popular among the rest of the population. They are durable, comfortable and will last long. They are great for outdoor activities, hiking, tracking and travelling as well as perfectly suited for miscellaneous heavy duty jobs. These are boots that will protect the feet from any damage in almost any conditions. If you want to save money and have very multipurpose boots that are both lightweight, durable and stylish - go for the military boots and you will be surprised by the quality and comfort that they offer.

This is a great trend to see that manufacturers are turning their attention to the quality of the product. The market demands to make a product that is also lasting. Plus equipped with all the modern technology materials possible. We have collected the names of most trustworthy brands that offer combat boots and ship them in US and globally. So that it is easier for you to get that pair you desire. The brands described here have been tested and proven. Read more to find information about each manufacturer.

Read more about the brands that offer these types of boots and purchase them online. Once you have tested and tried them we guarantee that you will return for another pair of boots.

Most of the products are made of very durable leather combined with Goretex membrane to provide breathability and waterproofness, and high density rubber or composite materials for soles to ensure protection from any damage and comfortable fit. many of the boots have been carefully tested in field, so you know you will have the fail safe product.

The initial investment will not be cheap: around 120 - 500 USD, however these boots will last you a very long time. Just take good care, clean and apply the polish and you will love the result. It is worth investing money in a product that has been tested and proven reliable, durable, comfortable and great looking.